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The realization of a tailored suit needs more meetings facts of measures, cloths and words.
The first meeting
The first meeting is very important as it serves to define the expectations of our customers and have the elements necessary to be able to start work. At this stage we listen to the needs of those who rely on us, we analyze and evaluate the physical structure of the person, take measures so that we can create a model that I can dress up the most of the customer, valuing it.
The second meeting
The second meeting is the moment of truth. Let the dress to evaluate the work done. During the test evaluates the overall result and eliminates any imperfections, but the dress should already be fine.
The third meeting
Our work is almost over, with the ultimate test, where if the dress finished so needs no further trim can be delivered to its new owner.
Among the various meetings there is the painstaking work of experienced hands of those who have done their work one lifestyle.

By culture, tradition and love was born an exclusive tailor made product.

The dress Ettore de Cesare Tailors is an item made ​​unique by the attention to detail, from the choice of fine fabrics and exclusive cut. Especially suitable for demanding clients, aware of the quality and the most advanced trends for research and style.

Tradition and Innovation
We are always looking for the right balance between tradition and innovation, and our leaders are the living example. We like to remember the realization of the sleeveless with matching jacket with zip and collar turned up. The idea, filed in patent stems from the bizarre request of a client who demanded a sleeveless linen jacket to withstand the heat of summer.

For us, your every wish is my command!

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