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From culture, tradition and love, comes up an exclusive tailoring product.

The suite of Ettore de Cesare Sartorie, is made unique by the care of details, by the choise of precious materials and by the exclusive suit-lenght for demanding customers, careful to quality and to most progressive trends in refinement and style.
We entrust our articles only to the experienced hands of whom has made his job a lifestyle...

The Story

His watchful eye along the shape of the jacket, check with scrupulous attention to every detail, the shoulders, the sleeves, the waist. They are all important parts of outerwear, as taught him his grandfather. That man is Ettore de Cesare which is observed in the test room of his store in Naples, in Vanvitelli square. Is him that every morning wearing his jacket as if it were his first time, caressing the fabric and admiring the perfect fit. His grandfather was a great tailor who had started very young in Piazza Carlo III.

Ettore de Cesare Senior

To escape the hardships of the Great War, Ettore de Cesare senior, had sought quickly a profession like any other, and then chose to make the tailor, because, as he put it, was a craft leading to glory. It was indeed a good way to work with the nobility of the time, he had great culture and purchasing power.
Ettore de Cesare senior working with Rubinacci and served important people, those who had financial resources such as to afford a personal tailor to make up the whole wardrobe. So he was able to be successful, so much so that he decided to open his own couture, the first in its zone and then to the Vomero, who in the 70s was heading to be one of the busiest areas of the city.

When her grandson was born, the same name, it keeps with him in tailoring. The small Ettore is growing among the tailors benches, scorched all of the cigarettes stitchers never give up.
His grandfather taught him the secret, so that he was fifteen is already can take steps.
They are the 80s, the years when you say the big fashion houses and tailors living a period of deep crisis. His grandfather did not fear competition, because is aware of selling culture, knowledge and not a simple dress.
Ettore de Cesare was referring to the intense preparation that is behind the creation of a dress. A knowledge that is hard to imitate and that today is the prerogative of a few professionals.
After his son Francesco, is his nephew Ettore inherit family passion for the world of couture.
After graduating, Ettore decides to make a change to the activity of internationalizing family the company. In fact, since 1998 she entertains relations with the Taipei, island between the Chinese and Japan, where meets its customers to take measures.
But the young Ettore also it moves halfway around the world to New York, which participates in the Collective, the made fair in Italy that is held every year in the big apple.
After betting on these two distant realities but equally strategic, today the company is very active between UAE and Northern Europe.

De Cesare junior does not sew personally, but has inherited all the grandfather's experience. He knows that to win customers have to give them only the best: English fabrics, cottons Germans, the pearl buttons.
Ettore de Cesare love his work so much that after graduating in economics did not hesitate to undertake this: He would never have given up the satisfaction of seeing his customers while they look in the mirror of his tailoring, wearing one of her dresses. And if it is not in its tailoring, it is in a room in Taipei or New York.
A flagship is also the headquarters of Sevile Row, London and Milan, where Ettore de Cesare follows the weekly private customers Holland & Sherry, prestigious fine fabric supplier which is linked by a very important partnership.
The idea that someone on the other side of the world, you wear a suit with the label DE CESARE excites me.
Cit. Ettore De Cesare

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